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Kevin Case

Case Images Owner


0406 562 518



Case Images Studio

22 Yanco Close, Frenchs Forest, NSW, 2086


Hi I'm Kevin Case, owner of Case Images. Ive been a photographer for 20 years and have found my main passion and expertise is taking photos of Products, Food and Art Works. I love the technical challenges that this style of photography has, battling reflections, drawing the eye to what is important and representing the product in its best possible form.

I generally work from my home studio in Frenchs Forest. I found by having my own home studio I could save clients a lot of money by not having to pay for commercial studio hire. My studio has everything I need to create high quality images and I'm always updating my equipment to the latest technology so my quality will exceed any expectations of my clients. I'm happy for clients to take part in my shoots and for their convenience I shoot "Tethered" to my large screen computer so they can watch the images come through as I push the button.

I always try to get a perfect image I can in camera, however sometimes images need some help in post production, It my be a scratch or thread that needs removing or it maybe that the product needs reshaping. I have many technics to help present your product in the best possible way.


Kevin Case

Case Images - Studio

22 Yanco Close, Frenchs Forest, NSW

0406 562 518

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