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e-Commerce photography is so much more then a photo on a white background. If you scroll through Amazon and look at images you will notice some images seem to draw you in more than others. Theses are the images that are more likely to sell. This is what you need to stop traffic and have them click on your product. 

Whisky Glasses Rectangle Web.jpg


Sandhurst Capsicum2500px_edited.jpg




No Shadow



The general rule on Amazon for a main image is- 

"No Shadow"

They like a "Deep Etched" image on pure white.

Shadows can often slip through Amazons algorithm if created subtle and don't touch the frames edge.

A subtle shadow will really lift the presentation of your product and remove the "Super Imposed" look.

Reflections of a product is the ultimate way to add class to your product, if you have the right product and the reflection has been photographed in camera, this will be the best way to represent your product and get people to click on your image.

Trio example.jpg


Creating a eye catching commercial image is a great way to show people how great your product is and really show value in your product.


Bright Images

"Bright Images" or "High Key Images"  are used to create a optimistic positive feel that works really well with food and beverage photos.

Shaw & Smith9792 1.jpg
James Squire 2.jpg
Military Watch.jpg

Dark Images

"Dark Images" or "Low Key Images"  are effective at drawing your attention to one particular part of an image. They tend to work well in serious or moody images. "The light draws your eye but the shadows tell the story".


Using Photoshop to help get a message across is a great way to tell a story like adding lightning to this electric bike. 

Manly Cycles copy.jpg


Showing your product off in the real world is a great way for your customers to visualise themselves using your product in their life.


Simply Outsanding

The little things that are all around us can often be used to give a great backdrop for your product, taking the time to think about what is connected to your product and how something can compliment it, to help tell its story is a great way to advertise your product.

Spirit wave2500px.jpg

Happy Images

Creating images that trigger familiar memories is a great way to get people to look at your product.

Images with in Images

This image shows the coffee jug in use on the desk while also giving a visual link to the web page on the computer.


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